Best Apps for Promoters, Musicians and Venues

From social media platforms to productivity trackers and grocery shopping to language instruction, there is an app for most everything these days. So it only makes sense that there would be a multitude of apps for the music industry too. And there are many apps that address the specific needs of music industry professionals more narrowly than the mainstay apps for self-promotion like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

In Frost's online Master of Arts in Arts Presenting and Live Entertainment Management (AP Live) program, students study the most effective modern technologies used for music marketing, promotion and management. Students also learn consumer data analytics and geotargeting. Modern technology also provides musicians, producers and engineers with new ways to collaborate and work together across digital platforms. Here are four apps that use these and other technologies to good effect for modern music professionals.


Although not as well-known in the general public as the most popular social media sites, Bandsintown is already a staple app for the music community -- both professionals and music lovers.

Bandsintown was initially designed simply to connect artists and diehard live music fans. It was a straightforward platform for artists to let their fans know where and when they were playing. It streamlined event announcements and social media presence. Artists set up shows and events in Bandsintown and the app automatically sets up these events and posts them across various sites like Facebook or an artist's website. The app also lets fans know about upcoming shows of similar bands they might like, helping fans and bands find each other.

Bandsintown has since built upon its roots to integrate many advanced features, making it one of the most powerful apps around for music fans, artists, promoters and venue managers alike. Bandsintown incorporates extensive data analysis capabilities and geotargeted marketing to gather usable information on social media users. Complex algorithms allow the app to narrow down and focus promotion on market audiences most likely to respond positively and engage in a band's posts.

Bands, promoters and venues can use Bandsintown to spread word about upcoming events to potential concertgoers based on location, interest, musical tastes and even friends' musical tastes. They can set up automatic, personalized posts. Through their affiliates, Bandsintown offers fans streamlined ways to purchase tickets, often enabling access to special first offers or exclusive experiences. Bandsintown is designed ingeniously to build loyal fans, extend market reach and offer exciting experiences for music lovers.

Master Tour

Master Tour can be an indispensable part of the touring "team," whether you're a band member, tour manager or crew member. Gone are the days of never-ending spreadsheets, daily book-length paper itineraries, missed last-minute press opportunities, and other chaotic aspects of a show on the road. Master Tour integrates all the communication, contacts, daily itinerary, etc., in one place. It is not the simplest app to use, nor is it cheap for the managerial versions. But everyone at the non-managerial level can simply use the free version. Utilizing the app to streamline communications and responsibility delegation (and everything else) can help ease a hectic touring life from the top down.


GigTown is one of the first programs designed to streamline the booking process, one of the most time-consuming aspects of the music business for an artist, band manager, venue manager/talent buyer or agent. Artists make profiles with pertinent links and information such as hourly or event-based rates. Talent buyers and party planners search for bands that fit their bill, click to book, and input all information needed for the event. This saves both parties the hours of paper, phone or electronic correspondence the process used to involve.


Tunedly is a groundbreaking platform designed to connect songwriters, composers and recording artists with professional recording musicians. Akin to a cloud-based recording studio and networking environment, this app provides music professionals a powerful way to connect and collaborate with others quickly and efficiently, regardless of their location.

These and the many other apps currently available can be important resources for music professionals. And more apps are being created all the time. Understanding how to incorporate these technologies into your daily tasks can help you increase the efficiency and productivity of your work and time. And time is a most precious commodity for the music professional.

Learn more about Frost Online's Master of Arts in Arts Presenting and Live Entertainment Management (AP Live) program.


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