Gain Real-World Music Business Experience

Are you interested in a career in the exciting and potentially lucrative music industry? Whether you want to become a high-level record executive, the head of a new indie record label, a promoter, a publisher, or a recording artist, developing and honing your business skills with hands-on experience is essential to success.

Learning the theory and practice behind effective business models is an important part of educating yourself, but nothing can develop your knowledge and marketability like real-world music business experience. So how do you get this experience when landing a good job or even a decent internship in this competitive industry can be so difficult?

Thankfully, some music business schools offer degree candidates industry experience through both extracurricular work opportunities and student-run enterprises that put classwork into practice. The Frost School of Music’s online Music Business and Entertainment Industries (MBEI) master’s program has two such student-run enterprises: ‘Cane Records and Cat 5 Music. It also offers other opportunities for industry experience outside the virtual classroom.

Experience Pays

The experience you can gain through the online master’s program offers many benefits. Faculty support and mentorship while you attend music business school is priceless, as equivalent resources and knowledge can be hard to find.

A resume that includes music business experience offers proof of your real-world skills — there is no better way to understand the inner workings and myriad aspects of a record label or booking agency than to actually work in one.

Moreover, strong, industry-relevant references lend credibility to your qualifications and signal to prospective employers that you’re the right hire. Some companies will not even consider candidates without experience or connections in the field.

Networking Is Essential

By working in the industry while you attend music business school, you can begin building a valuable professional network. Businesses depend on relationships with other businesses, and these associations can be mutually beneficial for all parties. In the increasingly decentralized music industry, collaboration is the key to success.

Management companies rely on booking agencies to land high-profile concerts for their clients. Finding an effective promotion company can help bolster campaign press coverage and concert attendance. A network of contacts can position you for success in an industry where who you know is as important as what you know.

An online degree program like the Master of Music in Music Business and Entertainment Industries (MBEI) available at the Frost School of Music can help you leverage your love of music with industry know-how for an exciting and lucrative career.

Learn more about the Frost MBEI online program.


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