What Is a Graduate Certificate in Arts Presenting?

For those who want to pursue arts presenting professionally, the University of Miami’s Frost School of Music offers an online graduate certificate program in Arts Presenting and Live Entertainment Management. To help degree candidates focus on the area of arts presenting in which they wish to develop a career, the program offers four certificate specializations: Arts Presenting Fundamentals, Arts Leadership, Arts Management, and Tour and Live Entertainment Administration. By studying the intricacies of these various aspects of live entertainment production, music industry professionals can develop a broader range of music business knowledge, effective methods and practices, and applicable experience.

Neither a minimum bachelor’s degree GPA nor specific test scores are required for admission to this program. Yet earning a graduate certificate through fully online study at Frost allows candidates to transfer program credits into the corresponding master’s degree-level program if they decide to pursue further studies. The foundation of skills, knowledge and demonstrable qualifications gained from this convenient graduate certificate program in arts presenting can help degree candidates advance their professional aspirations and be more effective in their chosen arts presenting role.

Arts Presenting Fundamentals

The Arts Presenting Fundamentals program offers an overview of the different facets of arts presenting. This specialization is ideal for professionals who intend to work in different roles within the field. Arts presenters who run smaller production companies and nonprofit arts organizations can also benefit from the generalized nature of this specialization, as directors of small organizations often have to play many different management roles.

Coursework in this specialization focuses on three aspects of arts presenting and live entertainment production:

  • Managing venues and facilities.
  • Managing and producing live entertainment events.
  • Producing and managing tours.

In addition to studying the specifics of each of these, you will learn the many pillars of effective management applicable to all forms of arts presenting.

Arts Leadership

The Arts Leadership specialization also includes the foundational study of live entertainment facility management, programming, budgeting and marketing but delves deeper into the legal aspects of live entertainment, such as copyright law and contracts between managers, artists, venues and presenters. Arts Leadership focuses on developing and pursuing a successful career in the field by assimilating acquired knowledge of industry trends, management practices and legal concerns.

Arts Management

As the name implies, this specialization focuses on the management side of arts presenting. As with the Fundamentals specialization, Arts Management places emphasis on the methods and best practices of managing arts facilities and organizations. But because managers and administrators need to be well-versed in contracts and agreements, this concentration also covers the legal aspects of the industry.

Tour and Live Entertainment Administration

Adding to the study of live entertainment management and legal issues, this concentration focuses on planning and managing live entertainment tours. This job is unique because of the many roles a tour planner and manager takes on, be it accountant, production coordinator or band babysitter. Tour managers are often responsible for everything from the initial logistics and planning to the day-to-day execution of every aspect of the tour.

With the right skills and knowledge, a music industry professional can have a satisfying and lucrative career in arts presenting and live entertainment management. There are many fascinating jobs in the arts for a wide variety of professionals, from numbers-minded business persons to socialite networkers. Further developing and building upon these skills can help candidates find their professional niche in the exciting world of entertainment.

Learn more about University of Miami – Frost School of Music’s Graduate Certificates in Arts Presenting and Live Entertainment Management.


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