Importance of Networking in the Music Business

Keys to Successful Networking in the Music Business

Networking is essential to making it in the music business. Professional musicians often secure gigs and opportunities based on who they know or whom they can contact. For developing artists, these can be significant challenges that require professional assistance. A manager’s job is to leverage their existing relationships to create opportunities for the artists they represent. Since building new relationships for developing artists is pivotal to their careers, students in the Frost School of Music dive into the nuances of the business from day one, positioning them to develop the industry ties they need for successful careers in management.

Face-to-Face Networking

Face-to-face interaction is one of the most important networking approaches. This involves traveling to major music hubs and industry events to network directly with other managers, labels, booking agents and associated professionals. The music business requires active involvement and collaboration with key leaders, some of whom comprise the faculty of the Frost School of Music.

Technology and Social Media

Although nothing compares to face-to-face interaction, technology now allows us to break down geographic barriers and connect with people across the world. More and more emerging artists are finding their breaks through social media, and the internet has significantly expanded the development of professional relationships and networks. Navigating the media landscape successfully is essential to growing a career in the industry.

Education Helps Build Interpersonal Rapport

Education is also fundamental to effective networking. Working toward a Master of Music in Music Business and Entertainment Industries not only helps to hone your interpersonal skills but also gives you the insider knowledge to advance a music career. The Frost MBEI program introduces students to many facets of the music industry, including copyright law, licensing and music publishing. The program equips you to collaborate with a variety of music specialists in a number of professional capacities.

Establishing a career in the music industry has never been more feasible. While there are challenges throughout the business, the only true challenge for managers or other professional representatives is convincing artists that you can represent them. How well you work with artists depends on the professional relationships you can leverage on their behalf. The MBEI program paves the way to a network of invaluable professional contacts. The Frost faculty includes experienced professionals from the highest levels in the music business. The Frost program also offers access to a strong, active and dedicated alumni network.

Learn more about the Frost School of Music’s online MBEI program.


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