Job Options for Master of Music Business Graduates

When people think about jobs in the music industry, they often think about singers, musicians and managers. However, there are many different types of jobs that do not involve picking up an instrument or singing a note. From behind-the-scenes jobs to management roles, there are many career options for students who earn a master’s in music business.

Integrated Curriculum for Music Professionals

Students who take courses in a master’s of music business program will study topics such as copyright law, contracts and other legal aspects of the music industry. Standard business classes are a part of the curriculum, as are courses specific to the music industry. This integrated curriculum helps professional develop the skills and knowledge to hold many different jobs in the music industry.

Job Options With a Master’s in Music Business

With a master’s in music business, a graduate might work for a record label in a number of capacities ranging from finding and signing new talent to internal management. Graduates who like working directly with musicians and artists may also find jobs representing musicians. Management jobs are also available in other fields such as promotion or marketing.

Opportunities in Entertainment Law

Law is another division in the music industry offering several career options. There are many different ways to use a master’s in music business degree in entertainment law, from working with copyrights to licensing and publishing. Lawyers are essential to most higher-level legal departments, but there are still opportunities for professionals with master’s degrees to work with musicians and agencies on legal issues.

Technology and the Music Industry

There are many jobs in the music industry that rely on emerging technology and social media. Graduates who like working on the cutting technological edge can find exciting jobs in music promotion, streaming content or online production and distribution. A love of music and a thorough understanding of technological applications will serve students well.

The number of available jobs in the music industry is always growing. From jobs like band manager to social media specialist, there are opportunities at all levels in the industry. As technology changes and old standards evolve, more and more related fields are finding ways to connect to the music industry. Students who pursue a master’s in music business may find themselves perfectly positioned for any number of jobs in the music industry.

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