Live Entertainment: More Than Music

Have you always dreamed of a career in show business? The glamorous world of live entertainment is an exciting industry. Arts and entertainment have long been important parts of cultures everywhere, yet, when people think of entertainment, many think only of musical events like concerts, club shows and outdoor festivals. However, live entertainment can include much more. It includes theater, dance, circuses, sports, abstract performing arts, comedy and even informative lectures.

Perhaps you are not an entertainer so much as someone who wants to promote the live arts. Studying arts administration to earn an online graduate degree, such as a Master of Art in Arts Presenting and Live Entertainment Management, can put you at the forefront of this enticing and evolving field.

Management in the Live Entertainment Industry Versus Other Industries

An important aspect of this type of arts administration involves time-based project management. This can include the development, funding, promotion and execution of events like concerts, plays, radio shows, book releases, sporting events or even album releases.

Interestingly, studies have shown that project management in the live entertainment industry is much more reliable and consistent than it is in many other industries, in regards to meeting deadlines, satisfying stakeholders and succeeding commercially. This is in part because project management in entertainment is, at heart, the organization of a progression of time-sensitive events that require immense planning, networking and delegation, along with oversight.

In addition, although these tasks are similar to managers’ responsibilities in other industries, in the entertainment sector, managers often use non-traditional techniques focused on people, public exposure and response, creativity, performance quality and event execution, and the need for timely scheduling.

The Spectrum of Live Entertainment

The simple definition of live entertainment is any public performance for an audience. This can be in the classic modes like music, dance and theater, or it could take the form of a comedy night, an avant-garde performance-art piece, a street performance, a radio show, or a lecture (like the popular TED Talks video-series). Whether you are interested in event coordination, artist representation and management, entertainment promotion, or being an arts administrator for a cultural performing arts center or even a museum, there are many opportunities available in the live entertainment industry, both in the non-profit and for-profit sectors.

Live entertainment is truly an umbrella term for a wide array of artistic expressions in public form. If you grew up loving the arts but your professional aspirations lean towards management and organization, developing a career in arts administration could be both satisfying and lucrative. Earning an M.A. in Arts Presenting and Live Entertainment Management can give you the knowledge and skills you need to pursue a job in this exciting profession.

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