Live Entertainment Trends

Technology and innovation play important roles in the live entertainment industry. As technology develops, artists, executives and concert-goers alike find new ways to enhance their experiences. Those technological changes lead to new trends in live entertainment.

Music Festival Sponsorships

A continuing trend in live entertainment is the partnerships between music festivals and commercial brands. These brands leverage the marketing exposure available at music festivals in exchange for sponsorship, which helps festivals cover operating expenses. These sponsorships may include technologies that enhance the live music experience for festivalgoers – technologies that may otherwise be out of reach for most festivals. These technologies may be anything from virtual reality to cashless payment methods for food, drinks and merchandise.

Technology for the Fans

Individual artists are also working directly with brands to connect with fans and remove middle men from the content pipeline. New recording and distribution technologies help artists put music directly in front of their fans, and growing social media networks expand audiences. These partnerships enable artists to experiment with different venues and musical approaches while promoting their work directly to the fans who want it.

Live Streams Grow Audiences

Live streaming is another trend in live entertainment. This is not a new trend by any means; however, the latest developments enable concertgoers to live stream performances on their phones and devices on the go. Apps like Periscope allow fans to comment on streams and interact with other like-minded users. These streams expand artists’ reach beyond the traditional restrictions of concert venues and ticket sales.

Data Make Better Experiences

Another trend is the use of live music industry statistics to customize both individual- and festival-wide crowd experiences. Trends, preferences and other consumer data help artists and brands isolate specific populations for targeted promotion. Additionally, consumer data collection at a festival enables producers to alter their services in real time to maximize attendees’ experiences.

Technology influences the popular trends in live entertainment. Whether it is expanded audiences, customized festival experiences or new ways to experience live music, technology partners commercial brands with performers and producers to give music fans the most bank for their bucks.

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