Nonprofit Jobs in Arts and Entertainment

If you’re looking to pursue a career in nonprofit management, a master’s degree in arts and live entertainment management can provide you with the necessary skills for high-level positions. Combine the business expertise you’ll gain with your passion for the arts, and you’re looking at a potentially rewarding career path. Financial development, grant writing, event production and promotion, and community relations are a few of its many aspects.

The economy has grown in recent years, resulting in a corresponding increase in nonprofit jobs in the arts. According to the 2016 Nonprofit Employment Trends Survey, 57 percent of nonprofits intended to create new positions this year. This figure grew from 45 percent in 2014 and 50 percent in 2015.

Nonprofits will also continue to hire personnel to fill ongoing vacancies. Prospects are bright for those with an advanced degree such as the Frost School of Music’s online Master of Arts in Arts Presenting and Live Entertainment Management (AP Live). The skills and experience you’ll gain can distinguish you from candidates who lack the credential.

How to Find Nonprofit Jobs in the Arts and Entertainment Sector

You can search for nonprofit jobs in a number of places, including local postings on Craigslist and in press classifieds, as well as online job boards. These job hubs give you access to thousands of openings, so narrowing the search to nonprofit arts sector jobs can help save time.

In addition, a number of job sites — such as,, and — focus specifically on nonprofit jobs. Many more cater specifically to the arts — check websites like and In addition to poring over job search websites, post a keyword-rich resume or professional profile to sites like LinkedIn and Monster to help potential arts organizations find you in a sea of applicants.

The Importance of Word of Mouth and Building Relationships

Another great resource for finding nonprofit jobs in the arts is word of mouth — build on your contacts and relationships in industry organizations and establish your reputation. As the ability to communicate well and build positive relationships is essential to the success of arts programming and development, strong relationships with existing organization administrators and board members demonstrates your fitness for the task.

What Kinds of Jobs Are Available in the Nonprofit Arts?

There are many opportunities in the nonprofit arts sector. Business administrators of theaters and performing arts centers, production managers and presenters, and financial managers who solicit funding and maintain budgets are just a few of the roles that require advanced business and administrative skills.

Community arts development organizations also need administrative personnel and program directors. Many foundations are hiring “giving managers” to review grant applications, assess budgeting and effectiveness of applicant organizations, and award funding to the most deserving organizations, according to the grant’s guidelines.

In addition, many nonprofit higher education schools look for applicants with experience and an appropriately advanced educational background to fill positions as arts department administrators, performance producers and presenters, and even professors in the business program common to many modern arts and music degrees.

The Stability of Nonprofit Fundraising

Nonprofit jobs in the arts can be richly rewarding, whether you are an artist or performer exploring the business side or a proponent of arts and culture in your community. Of course, another important aspect of nonprofit arts jobs is their relative stability and the prospect of career advancement. The arts receive support from community members and local, national and governmental organizations. Funding sources for nonprofits are not as prone to fluctuations in the economy as those of for-profit businesses.

Most nonprofit arts organizations are looking for applicants with industry-relevant education and experience, and their list of preferred requirements includes qualifications such as a master’s degree in arts and live entertainment management. Earning such a degree can aid your rapid advancement in a field you love.

Learn more about Frost School of Music’s online MA in Arts Presenting and Live Entertainment Management.


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