What Is Involved in Music Tour Management?

Music tour management involves planning and overseeing musical tours to minimize issues on the road. However, problems inevitably arise, and the tour manager handles every challenge, arrangement and accommodation to keep the tour running smoothly. It can be a fun and glamourous job, but it takes skill to successfully plan a tour and stay organized.

Planning the Tour

Live entertainment management involves more than just managing a band. Prior to a music tour, the tour manager has to research and book all accommodations, transportation, catering and hospitality for the entire tour. The manager must also liaise with concert venues, coordinate merchandise with suppliers and work with promoters. After the tour begins, the manager ensures that the road crew adheres to the tour plan as closely as possible to stay on schedule.

Arranging Tour Expenses

One of the most important skills in music tour management is accounting. Accountants plan out the cost of each aspect of a tour, from hotels to transportation, prior to the first performance. The tour manager needs to know where there is room in the budget, if he or she can save money and what resources are on hand for unforeseen problems.

Live Entertainment Management

Once the tour is underway, the tour manager switches from event planning to live entertainment management. Getting the band to the venue, overseeing rehearsal, coordinating meet-and-greet sessions: the tour manager is in charge of making everything happen and supporting the crew when they need help.

The most important aspect of music tour management is organization and strategic planning. A good manager is a skilled planner, and he or she delegates work as needed to cover all aspects of a tour. Additionally, the tour manager is responsible for everyone and everything on a tour. While that can be overwhelming, it can also be a lot of fun to see a tour executed successfully.

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