Master of Music in Music Business and Entertainment Industries (MBEI)

Master of Music in Music Business and Entertainment Industries (MBEI)

30 hours  |  Graduate in as few as 18 months

As the music market shifts to digital online and mobile products, a greater number of competent, highly-skilled executives and entrepreneurs are needed to meet the specialized demands of the reinvented music industry. The MBEI program is carefully designed to prepare qualified music business students for these emerging opportunities with many opportunities to gain hands-on experience during your study. MBEI graduates work for major record labels, independent record companies, music publishing companies and talent agencies in various business positions.

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As a graduate of the MBEI program, you will gain:
  • A real-world understanding of the complexities of the music business taught by extensively field-experienced faculty
  • Access to a strong, active and dedicated alumni network
  • A broad range of relevant knowledge and skills in live music promotion, music publishing and licensing, legal aspects of the live entertainment industry, and more
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Jerald Washington

"Don't be afraid to follow a vision or a dream that you have that might encompass music. Frost can get you where you want to be." –Jerald Washington, Master of Music Business and Entertainment Industries, May 2016. Read Jerald's story

LaConteau Williams

"What was important to me as far as getting a degree in music business was when I would say the school’s name, it would have meaning, that the professors had experience and that it would be worthwhile. You don’t just want to get a music business degree. You want to go somewhere where it holds some clout." –LaConteau Williams, Master of Music Business and Entertainment Industries, May 2016. Read LaConteau's story

Core Courses:

Music Copyright Law

Course number: MMI774  |  Credit hours: 3

A study of the essential provisions of the 1976 Copyright Act and subsequent amendments and revisions. Students examine the unique complexities of copyright law as it relates to the music industry.

International Music Publishing

Course number: MMI673  |  Credit hours: 3

An in-depth study of the international publishing industry with an emphasis on catalog development and exploitation.

Music Industry Agreements

Course number: MMI750  |  Credit hours: 3

A study of various music industry agreements and how they affect the artist and songwriter. Recording, music publishing, and personal management agreements are analyzed and discussed. Topics include negotiation considerations, deal points, record company economics, and profitability.

Legal Aspects of the Live Entertainment Industry

Course number: MMI738  |  Credit hours: 3

Students become familiar with various Artist, Client, Production, Vendor and Facility Contracts and Agreements commonly used in the industry.

International Music Licensing

Course number: MMI752  |  Credit hours: 3

Advanced music industry concepts and problems in music licensing. Personal rights and most varieties of music licenses and international licensing concepts are covered. Students acquire practical experience utilizing licensing parameters.


Entrepreneurship for Musicians

Course number: MMI630  |  Credit hours: 3

Course explores a wide range of options for musicians who want to pursue music business careers in their regional music markets. Students examine opportunities in performance, recording, composition, education, and more. Emphasis is placed on the packaging of musical skills in the marketplace and on the financial management of a small proprietary music business. As a result, the student musician will be prepared to make career decisions with foresight and planning.

Recorded Music Operations

Course number: MMI637  |  Credit hours: 3

A study of the activities involved in commercially exploiting recorded music. Includes an analysis of activities involved in the production, manufacturing, distribution, and marketing of a recorded music product; as well as related royalty accounting, mechanical licensing and master-use licensing activities.

Marketing and Promotion in the Entertainment Industry

Course number: MMI643  |  Credit hours: 3

Students learn how to fulfill demand and influence consumer behavior through effective marketing techniques. The course provides the students with information on the latest technologies being employed to reach and communicate with target consumers.

Performing Arts Center and Facility Management

Course number: MMI726  |  Credit hours: 3

Students learn the many aspects of managing a live entertainment and performing arts center facility. Logistics, management, budgeting, marketing and programming within a live entertainment and performing arts facility are addressed.

Tour Management and Production

Course number: MMI641  |  Credit hours: 3

Students will become familiar with the responsibilities of a tour planner. Individual tour planning projects are assigned which will give the students insight into the management and production of a tour.

Sponsorship, Development and Financial Management in the Live Entertainment Industry

Course number: MMI736  |  Credit hours: 3

Students learn how to write and present a line-item budget for an arts presentation event, arts presenting organization, and an arts facility. Specific techniques and methods that are used to reduce event risk and safety are discussed.

Arts Presenting Projects: Create, Manage, Evaluate

Course number: MMI740  |  Credit hours: 3

In this course, we'll investigate the best-practices of event execution, including but not limited to time management, teamwork, planning processes, event supervision and evaluation techniques.

Arts Leadership

Course number: MMI632  |  Credit hours: 3

Building a career in the twenty-first century and beyond creates challenges both exciting and daunting. The purpose of this course is to provide grounding, critical information, as well as planning and vision for shaping the key components of launching and sustaining a career in the arts.

Peak Performance

Course number: MUS 745  |  Credit hours: 3

Become a more confident and expressive performer. This unique and forward thinking course will be both performance and research-based. Students will develop the tools to succeed by studying techniques and concepts in preparation, positive psychology, visualization, bodily kinesthetics, communication, mindfulness and weekly performance and practice assignments. The goal is to encourage fearless artistry, beginning in the practice room and continuing on stage and beyond.

Additional Requirements:
  • MMI Electives | Credit hours: 9
  • Cumulative Exit Exam

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